Sunday, January 03, 2010

Maximum Density

Would you think I'm silly to say I'm totally of the ready to go back to work tomorrow?

I am. The last 5 days have been chock full o' socializing and I'm fully saturated. To the point where there's so much chatter happening in my brain, I couldn't successfully nap this afternoon. And you all do understand my love of the nap, yes? That and I've caught myself wandering around talking nonsense in my out loud myself. That can't be good.

So here's the summary of my latest adventures:

Wednesday night, Tower hooked me up with all new geekery in the form of a DnD campaign. W00t! Geek girl finally gets her chance at DnD. This is all very exciting. Especially because I am a halfling who is also an assassin. I get to kill stuff and be stealthy but also? Chock full o' charisma. I like that. Plus, there were gin and tonics to accompany the geekery. That's my kind of fun.

Thursday, of course, was New Year's Eve. I wasn't convinced going out was what I wanted to do. Not until T gave me her words of wisdom. So I decided I would put on my party shoes and surround myself with other people I like. I found myself at the Factory party and mostly hung out with Peej, Mark, and the Jack of All Trades. I didn't drink until well after midnight when I'd gotten to where I was spending the night and wouldn't have to drive again. Thus, I found myself in good company who supplied cheap whiskey and coke. Turns out, I liked it pretty well.

The whole night was really great. Frankly, I believe it was the best New Year's Eve I've ever had. The night was lighthearted. There was no drama, trauma, tears, or tantrums. Just good old fashioned fun. It felt good.

Friday night, after I'd drunk copious amounts of coffee and napped and refreshed myself, I invited myself over to a friend's house and we just hung out, drank a glass (just ONE!) of wine, and talked. Very mellow.

Last night, Peej and I went to dinner at Barracuda's and then went to Shelter for even more socializing. It was quite busy especially considering it was only 2 days after New Year's Eve. While there, I heard this song:

A song I've not heard in a very very long time but one which triggers cozy memories in me. That made me so happy!

Today, I was in full on baking mode - a coffee cake for brunch and a birthday cake for a friend's birthday tomorrow. Peej came over to play baker's assistant and then a couple of Lex's friends came over to hang out and geek out so I whipped up bacon, eggs, and toast for a full impromptu brunch.

By the time we'd gotten the frosting made though, I was pretty done with being around people. So I rushed Peej out the door and then tried to nap. Fail. Couldn't get it to take hold. So!

Time to retreat, recharge the batteries, get some rest (and some water), and relax so that I can be ready for more socializing soon.

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