Monday, January 04, 2010

You're Standing On My Neck

My neck's all wonky.

The muscles have been really tight/tense/knotted for the last several weeks so I shouldn't have been surprised when I awoke this morning to an inability to move my head or move really any of me without swallowing back a yelp of pain.

Regardless of whether I should or shouldn't have been, I was surprised.

And you know, I kinda have this freakishly high tolerance for pain so when I say I was yelping from it? You know it really had to be bad.

Luckily, my chiropractor, Sid, is a rock star, and he loves me - he understands that I am of the awesome - and he squeezed me in this afternoon for a long overdue adjustment and lecture.

It feels better now...although that could be from the margarita I had with supper...but I'm still not willing to turn or move suddenly.

Now for the ice.

PS Up and coming word...adorable+dork = adorkable.

Pass it on.


zero hour said...

may I steal Adorkable?
I feela need to use it in a comic strip!

Just Jane said...

You're not stealing it from me. It's actually got an urban dictionary entry.

zero hour said...

aaaaah thanks much...
cool beans