Friday, January 01, 2010

Out Like a Lamb and In Like a Lion

Well it's here. 2010.

Normally, I would put together some kind of succinct summary of the year just past...something in chronological order. But this year, I dunno. I'm not thinking along those lines (ha ha). Maybe it's that I'm having a tough time remembering everything that's happened since last New Year's Day. Maybe it's that, even though some really tough stuff happened, most of it just flowed by in one happy wave of great people, great activities, great ideas and conversations and an overall sense of contentment. Maybe I'm also finally living in the present and looking back at the minutia of 2009 doesn't seem necessary.

I'm settled in the Grotto with Lex. I'm home. In the scheme of things, that's the biggest deal of all this year - coming from someone who's been searching for home for I don't even know how long.

It made weathering the bad stuff...MB's custody battle, realizing people's prejudices can carry over into a court of law to serve up a gut busting plate of injustice, Andy's least tolerable although heartbreaking.

And it made the good stuff just that much better.

The places I've gone, the people I've met, the thoughts I've thunked...such a very good year. Trips to Wyoming for patio nights with my mom, a trip to Seattle and Orcas Island, twitterpation and concerts galore, geekery to the nth degree. Hugs and kisses and laughing. That's what I remember most...that and feeling peaceful, curious, excited, content.

This year was hard for so many people. The collective sigh of relief as 2009 made way for 2010 was practically audible.

But I didn't feel that way at all about it. Mostly I just felt...

Everything warm and good.



Kristin said...

Love your outlook, Jane! The world is a better place for having you & your positive attitude. I believe most sincerely that you get back from life what you put in, and I know 2010 is bringing spectacular things! xoxo

Just Jane said...

Thank you, Kristin! I am really looking forward to your presence here. Oh the trouble we shall find! I may have to break out the Metallica just for old time's sake.