Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Tide You Over Until the Next Wave of Profundity Hits

I had a lovely birthday celebration.

A small supper party at Kinga's (oh for the love of the kielbasa) at which there was a homemade cake, a night out at Milk which included a rare corset-wearing occurrence, and much anticipated and long awaited time spent in the company of...well...a certain someone.

I'm relaxed and sleepy this evening. Content and quite possibly still a little on the glowy side. And anticipating a mellow evening with Peej starting with supper and then another visit to Milk where the illustrious Tower shall be spinning rekkids...or rather "spinning" mp3's with his new mp3 controller which allegedly has blinky sparkly lights 'n stuff.

I told him he had to play an especial song just for me for my birthday.

Actual e-mail exchange between the two of us...

Tower: Send me a list of what you want to hear and Ill try and fit most (if not all) in. BTW. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. er.. a day early. o.O

Jane: Freebird.

I told him I was kidding but now I'll be really interested to see if he finds a remixed techno version of it and plays it. Because, you know, he's like that. NERD! Hee hee I do adore him.

That's all I've got tonight. Nothing profound. Just me lost in thought.

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Anonymous said...

well he didn't play Freebird but he did play Gary Numan and that great birthday song by Royksopp (sp?)