Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tribulations of a Working Mother

Vinny doesn't like that I'm not a stay at home mom. Every work day morning, he pretends he's sleeping on his $85 chiropractic pillow1 while I do my makeup and drink my coffee, but what he's really doing is giving me the stink eye o_0 when he thinks I'm not looking.

Then, just as I'm getting ready to go out the door, he'll run and stand right in front of the door so that I can't get out without taking him with me. I have to allow a few extra minutes each morning to dedicate to this ritual of coaxing him back into the bedroom and getting him to stay there until I can get out the door.

Last night before I went to bed, I took him out back with me while I smoked. He usually likes to do this and is quite well behaved and will stay in my arms without a struggle. However, last night, he was crying and get back in the house. Because yeah hello? -5 degrees. Turns out, that's a little cold even for a furry creature.

So this morning, he was up prowling around by about 2 and never did settle back down to sleep. When I got up, he got up with me but was clearly averse to getting anywhere close to the back door and the draft seeping through it. Then, when I was sitting down to do my makeup, I looked over at him on his pillow and he was not even pretending to sleep.

Instead, he was looking out the window with the funniest pensive look on his face. It looked like this...

That brown thing he's laying on? Most expensive cat bed ever

And when I got ready to leave, he was nowhere to be found. Perfectly content I guess to let me brave the cold, wintery weather without him this time.

What a chicken shit. I'm raising a pansy momma's boy. Great.

1: I bought a special pillow when I first started having trouble with my neck. When Vinny arrived, he quickly discovered his ass fits best in the pillow's scooped out middle. I've not gotten to use my fancy pillow ever since. The sacrifices of a mother.

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