Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tribulations of a Working Stiff

I bought a plane ticket to DC several months an incredible deal into BWI - less than $200 - for the 19th through the 23rd of January.

All of a sudden, now that the holidays have come and gone, an avalanche of projects with tight deadlines have fallen into my inbox and will prevent me from going.

Bummed isn't even the word.

I guess this is what it means to be an adult. It means sometimes I have to put work demands first and my wants second. Especially when the job I have is the best job I've had - rewarding, if not necessarily wickedly so monetarily, always rewarding mentally and emotionally.

If I wanted something less, I'd go do tech support again.


Diva said...

And in this economy, it would be hard to find another job you remotely like. Still, this sucks. *hugs*

kk said...

Ugh! Super sucky! If you can't reuse the plane ticket, maybe work can buy you another one for you for another time. I had that happen, once, long, long ago. They didn't even blink when I asked them for at least that compensation. I loved working with people who understood I had an outside-work-life, too.