Monday, January 18, 2010

You Look Like a Monkey and You Smell Like One Too

Let the birthday week commence.

Actually, I haven't really made many plans. Since I was supposed to be in DC this week, I've been thrown off entirely. And somehow I just can't seem to reconcile myself to the fact that the actual day is day after tomorrow.

Except...I am interested because hello yay! Birthday! Cake and stuff!

I even have presents to open thanks to Ms. Kristin who sent me a little package. Shout out to Kristin - thank you! I'm saving my things to open until Wednesday so that I have actual things to open. w00t! I cannot wait to see what I've inspired. I'm guessing it has something to do with either bacon or cheese.

And Peej is baking me a cake. I didn't request a particular flavor. I'm leaving it up to her to decide. Because hello again. It's cake! Can we honestly go wrong with any flavor of cake? OK yes I know we can but still...I trust her implicitly with the cake flavorings.

And kk bought me my own set of dice for DnD geekery. They are so totally sparkly pink. Is that not of the awesome?

And Owen made promises of mini shopping - also more DnD geekery for those who do not know. Again with the w00t!

There's also Indian food in my future and a night (or two) at the club. Plus, Lex will hopefully carry on our birthday sushi tradition we started when we first met (but didn't do last year for some reason that escapes me now) and I've only one word to say to you all about that...wasabi. Mmmm.

Then there's also something very special that's been alluded to of which I will not discuss - for one cuz it's not any of y'alls business but for two because I do not know any specifics. Suffice it to say I'm beyond excited.

So that's as far as I can get with the week's festivities. Happy birthday to me.


kk said...

Glad you liked the sparkly pink dice -- none of the older styles in the store screamed good old DnD style hacking and slashing more than those. ;)

Have lots of fun this week -- I am gonna wish you happy bday today cuz I'm going out of town in a couple of days for nearly a week and might not get a chance to do it later (so very excited to see my best buddies again)! Happy happy birthday!!!!

Ps. and you and Owen so got me hooked on Dexter... sigh. At least I'll have something to watch on the plane....

kk said...

uh... older ==> other. Wish I could edit the above comment. Ah well.