Monday, January 18, 2010

I'll give you $10 if you do this for me

Do you want to know what sucks?

Getting your tag renewal notice in the mail, noting the 25% fee increase, going to pay it online this morning, and then realizing you can't because you still have to get yet another emissions test for an additional $25 which means taking an afternoon off work, sitting in a ridiculously long line, then waiting for the test to complete before getting the paperwork and having to deliver it to the dmv which requires another ridiculously long line of angry people.

I really do not like government bureaucracy...or fees...or lines of any kind.


kk said...

Somehow I lucked out the past few years and just happened to drive by the roadside testers. If you do that, apparently, they don't make you go get another test.... good luck. Not the best way to spend time around your bday, eh?

zero hour said...

my official new service being offered to workers of the world..since I'm still unemployed ,for a small fee I will stand on any government line ,scowl at the appropriate moments, slap down any required fees, and bustle off muttering under my breath...
Any takers?