Monday, January 18, 2010

Got a Phone Call From the Lord Sayin' "Boy go get a sweater right now"

My mom really hates it when I post videos.

Well OK..."hate" might be too strong a word. It just...annoys her and she never watches them. Except for that one time when I posted that NoFX song even though I warned her but she watched it anyway because that's just the kind of mom she is particularly because I said it was a compelling video and she'll probably never forgive me for it or watch or listen to another one I post as long as she and I both shall live and have you noticed this is the longest run-on sentence with no punctuation ever? That was intentional.

But I'm going to post more songs/videos today because I want to.

This is a compare and contrast of one completely awesome song - Tiny Cities Made of Ashes. It was originally recorded by Modest unusual band to say the least. And I liked it then.

But then it was covered by Sun Kil Moon - the project of Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters fame. It is this version that completely gets under my skin. It's another of those songs I had on repeat for several days after I first heard it. Even now I can't just listen to it once.

No obnoxious video for this one...just the song using Inverted Sky's Really Simple Song of the Week tool.

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