Sunday, February 14, 2010

Candied Hearts Taste Like Chalk

Valentine's Day.

It's funny...watching people's posts over on the good old Facebook1, you would think this day to celebrate love was the most vile of all days.

Sure, it's a commercial holiday. Sure, love should be celebrated each and every day. Sure, some people hate being reminded of their single status so blatantly.

But seriously? Is it THAT big of a deal?

I have no feelings about Valentine's Day one way or the other. I don't celebrate it but I don't hate it. It is, after all, the birthday of the loveliest momma on Earth2 and I happen to think it's pretty spectacular that her birthday falls on a designated day for love because I love her and think she's pretty special.

Having worked as a floral designer for several years, you'd think I would have just cause to hate the holiday. 18-hour days, not a moment to sit down or eat or smoke or stop to dig the rose thorns out of cut and bloodied thumbs all while having panicked men screaming through the telephone or face to face because it's 6 p.m. on the 14th and they can't buy red roses for the wife/girlfriend/mistress/stripper because there aren't any left. Dude, it's white carnations at this point or nothing. Too tired to scream back, there was always a secret feeling of superiority and vindictiveness sending the asshat straight home to the doghouse. There were times it was hard to choke back maniacal laughter.

But I don't hate it. I think it's amusing to watch the scurry. Plus, it's just another day in a string of days during which I love my life.

My happily single life.

1: Good old now that it's behaving properly again thankyouverymuch.



zero hour said...

Happy Bday to yer momma!
and happy Vday to you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful words! Love, Mom