Sunday, February 28, 2010

That's Simply Lovely

One of my most favorite places in Denver is Lovely Confections on East Colfax at Steele.

Now you all know (or should know by now) I'm a bit of a baking snob. I'll admit I prefer my baked goods to just about anyone else's...unless of course it's come from my sister, Rache, who is the queen of baked goods in my family. But Porche Lovely1 is a genius when it comes to the baking of the perfectly textured cake2 as well as coming up with some incredible flavor combinations. For instance, a regular menu item is her "Bees Knees" cupcake - lavender cake with a honey buttercream frosting. Mmmm...

Today though, for the first time, I had an entirely new experience at Lovely's which has set my love of this place in stone.

Today, Kristin, regular reader and commenter *waves to Kristin*, was in town for a weekend visit and we met up at Lovely's to have coffee and a cupcake. Now I'd noticed there was a little cafe-style seating area at the bakery before but had never paid much attention to it as I'm normally dropping in last minute to pick up cakes for a party for which I've not had time to prepare something homemade. But since I like showing off what Denver has to offer and because I love Lovely's, I suggested meeting up there.

And it was perfect. The seating was comfortable, it was warm inside3, the lighting bright and cheerful, quiet - we were the only customers for a good long while before they had a late afternoon rush and all the tables filled up, and Porche was just as friendly as she always is. Plus, the company, the cake, and the coffee were awesome.

If you're in the neighborhood and looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, check it out. Go with a friend so you can share cakes and get more flavor bang for your buck or go alone and bring your laptop with you as she also offers free wifi.

Yay! Cupcakes.

1: Isn't that the most awesome of all names? Porche Lovely. And she truly is lovely.

2: And at altitude!

3: It started snowing just as we were leaving and Kristin's blood is thin from all that desert living she's done. We definitely wanted to be inside somewhere warm.


zero hour said...

I will try that one out..I'm always looking for the ultimate cupcake...
I dug D-bar desserts too! YUM!

YAAAAAAAA cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

how the heck did I not know about this place?! I feel deprived! I feel compelled to go there as soon as possible... PJ

Kristin said...

*waves back at ya* This thin-blooded AZ girl thanks you again for a most enjoyable, lovely time at Lovely's! It was a perfect end to my trip. Thanks, Jane!!! :) And I can't wait for the next time I'm there to sample the strawberries & cream cupcake!