Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cleaning Out My Camera

Last Saturday morning, I walked out of my apartment building to head to the grocery and was greeted with this sight across the street...

FYI: This is not my car.

Now first, let me explain that the neighborhood in which I live is one of those lovely old, tree-lined neighborhoods with some of the oldest buildings in the city. This means...well OK this means a lot of things but for the purpose of this story it means one thing.

No off street parking. Anywhere.

You get used to it. Really you do. And that 3 block walk through the snowy and icy streets at 2 a.m. to get to where you actually live becomes no big thing.

Another thing about my neighborhood though is that many young urbanites want to live in this neighborhood because it's close to everything resembling a good time.

And it's my theory that someone had a really good time Friday night a week ago, came home and attempted to parallel park which is a challenge on these streets late at night just generally speaking anyway...unless of course you're Owen who is the rock god of parallel parking...and accidentally backed into this poor defenseless car ripping its front bumper and grill nearly completely off.

There was no note. No nothing.

And that is how a lovely Saturday morning in the city turns into a shitty week. Because this was the week the city was doing work on this particular block and had posted No Parking from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. signs all along it.

The owner of the car - handicapped by the look of the decal hanging in the windshield - left a note on the car asking the city not to tow it and indicating they were trying to raise enough money to have it towed to the auto shop.

No wonder people nowadays are filled to brimming with rage.

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