Sunday, March 07, 2010

How to Get a Free Beer...You Take a Baby Mouse See...

Title compliments of Bob & Doug McKenzie


It's been around a long long longlonglong time. Like, according to wiki, as early as 9000 BC. That's a really long time, people.

If it's been around that long, it must be good, right?

That really depends.

Growing up in middle America - specifically redneck Wyoming - in the 70's and 80's, beer was narrowed down to 2 choices...well OK, 3...

1) Coors
2) Budweiser
3) The cheap stuff aka Black Label, Old Milwaukee, Miller High Life

So it should not surprise you that the first time I got drunk off my rocker was on Black Label.

I threw up.

I decided I hated beer. Like...a lot.

When Corona came along, lots of people of the Wyoming variety tried to convince me Corona had upped the tastiness quotient - especially with that twist of lime. So I tried it.

Guess what? It still tasted like what I imagined urine would taste like if it were bottled up with a twist of lime squeezed in for good measure.

I made up my mind then and there I would never like beer.


Have a mentioned never say never?

A few months ago, Tower convinced me to try a Stella Artois when we were out one night at Gabor's. And after a little hesitation, I did.

And you know what? It was good! Really good. Not as good as my wine but still...I liked it.

Ever since I've been slowly but surely trying different beers. I ask friends if I can taste theirs to see if I like what they're drinking and I'm starting to build up a little repertoire of things I like, things I want to try, things I'd actually buy and keep at the house.

I still don't drink the beer that makes me think I'm drinking pee so if Budweiser is the only kind available, I'll stick to water.

But what's surprising to me is how much I like stouts. And most especially? I like the Big Shot Espresso Stout brewed by Twisted Pine Brewing Co. in Boulder.

Say what you will about the People's Republic of Boulder, they know beer.

And it is good.

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