Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I don't remember having ever heard of chiropractic care before I was in high school when I met a boy whose step-father was a chiropractor.

Once it was explained to me - the theory of the connection between the musculoskeletal and nervous systems - I thought it sounded absurd. Quack quack quack.

But, you know, pain changes a person's mind about a lot of things.

About 4 1/2 years ago...

Hmmm...let me back up.

I actually don't know when this started...possibly a decade or more ago. Occasionally, my neck would pop or I would turn my head just so and my tongue - yes, the one in my mouth - would go numb for a few minutes. Like, say, I'd gone to the dentist and rather than shoot the novocaine in my gum, he'd managed to misfire it right into the old licker. And yes, that would hurt. A lot. However, it wasn't debilitating and it wasn't consistent. Thus, I paid it little attention.

Until about 4 1/2 years ago. I woke up one morning and I couldn't move my head without pain. So, like any other rational in-pain person, I got up, took some ibuprofen, and went back to bed with my trusty heating pad1. An hour later, I couldn't move my head at all. Not even a smidge.


It was at that point I no longer cared if the doctor quacked or waddled or dragged his knuckles on the ground. I needed help. RIGHT NOW.

Enter Dr. Joel.

Dr. Joel agreed to see me right away. He had a massage therapist work me over for 30 minutes then did some electro-stim2 before laying me out flat on his table, tummy side down and giving me the weirdest and yet totally effective experience of my medical visit life.

Within hours, my neck had gained 80% mobility. By the next day, I felt fine.

After that, I was hooked.
I was a believer.
A member of the chiropractic cult.

I went to see Dr. Joel bi-weekly for massage, electro-stim, and adjustment. I even ended up working for him and his wife for a time. Mmmm...it was good.

When I left the area, I set out to find a new chiropractor - one who was open-minded and hopefully as lovely as Dr. Joel.

And that's when I met Dr. Sid - rock star chiropractor and accupuncturist.

I swear. He's magic...like Mr. Miagi except without the whole wax on/wax off affair. Just lying on his table having a chat seems to make me feel better sometimes.

I don't go bi-weekly anymore and there's no massage. Honestly though, a good portion of my pre-tax flexible spending account is reserved just for my visits with him.

When I need him - for backaches, neckaches, headaches, bad knees - he always makes sure to get me in right away and I've never had my neck pop and my tongue go numb again.

So tell me...is it quackery? Or just plain crackery?

1: Generally also known as the best invention for women ever.

2: Is anyone else getting a little aroused at this point?

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zero hour said...

If I DIDN'T go to my chiro, (and acupuncturist)
I would be a writhing ball of pain and agony, stumbling around hunched over, or worse...yes I still deal with pain almost every day ,but tolerable now and I can walk .
SO no....it's delightful stretchy,crackery..
which reminds me , I'm overdue...