Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whereupon I Reveal Embarrassing Celebrity Crush Facts About Me


Corey Haim died today.

And don't give me any of this "I don't even know who that is" crap. Because, unless you lived the entire '80s in a tree house in the Amazon rainforest...and even then I'm fairly certain that wouldn't have been enough, he, and the other Corey - Corey Feldman, were the IT1 boys...

image credit from and just in case you don't know Haim-y is on the right

At least, that is if you were also a tweenie at any point during the decade.

I was a Haimster groupie myself. The Feldmeister looked too much like a boy I went to school with and that was just weird. Plus, who didn't love the ultimate geek, Lucas?

Anyway, yeah. So he died. He was 38. And no, it's not lost on me that 38 is also the age I am. That's not the point.

The point is that Corey is not the first of my tween celebrity crushes to go over yonder...not by a longshot.

First, there was Andy Gibb. Stop laughing. I was like 8, OK? And he was pretty and he sang pretty songs and he had that blond, soft, bouncin' and behavin' hair and shiny white teeth. And he died in 1988 at 30. I blame Victoria Principal.

image credit from nndb

Now that I think of it...I lose my Andys early.

So then there was River. *sigh* Do you know I can still hear the 911 tape of brother, Joaquin2, screaming for someone to help his brother playing in my head? Scarred for life after that one.

image credit from

I don't know that I'll ever get over River or his death. Sure, it makes it a little easier that Joaquin is sexy in his own right thus offering me a place to transfer my affections. And I will admit to having watched 8MM several times3...not because the movie was particularly wasn't, in fact, good...but because uhm hello? My celebrity boyfriend playing a punk rock porn store clerk?

image credit from

That's a big duh.

But no, I don't think I'd love Joaquin maybe at all if I hadn't loved River so much. Maybe that's why I never wanted to get married. My heart died with River *rolling eyes*.

Then, while I know Robert Downey, Jr. and Christian Slater are, in fact, still alive...I have to admit I watch them both closely for signs of junkiehood and doom. Leif Garrett too4.

Is it Hollywood?

Or is it me?

Given that I'm every day stunned to know 2 of my 3 long-term (now ex-) boyfriends are still alive, I'm kinda thinking maybe it's me and my bad boy, dark and brooding fetish.

At least I still have Johnny Depp.

Jump! 21...Jump...Street!

1: And that's IT as in the pronoun it rather than the acronym for information technology. IT - the acronym - hadn't been born into common vernacular in 1985.

2: Who was still Leaf then. Yes, Leaf, of Parenthood fame. I know. I was shocked too.

3: In a row.

4: And again with the shutup. He wore leather pants, OK?

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