Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Then That Happened

Earlier I'd been composing a blog entry in my head...another pet peevery entry to add to the growing list.

Frankly, I've been irritable and annoyed for the last two days and the burn to get a load off my already weighty chest was overwhelming.

To say I was fired up...that'd be an understatement.

By the time I got home this afternoon, I was a little bundle of putridity the likes of which I'd not been in quite awhile. Needless to say, I was not anxious to be around people of any variety.

Except...I had plans for the evening. Dammit.

Enter Brad.

Have I told you about Brad? I don't believe I have...at least not more than just in passing.

Brad is my oldest friend in the world. Oldest in that I've known him for nearly 30 years now - I was 10 when we first met - and oldest friend in that, while I've not known him the absolute longest of say all my friends on Facebook1, he's the one I talk to regularly.

I have more memories of Brad than I do of anyone else in my life. 30 years is a long time, y'all. Some of those memories are sad but now softened with age and the wisdom that comes with it. Mostly though, they are of a quiet kind of joy and peacefulness that comes with singing Comfortably Numb in harmony on top of Casper Mountain...a lot.

In a strange twist of events, Brad and I, all these years later, live literally on the same street just a few blocks away from each other. A different city, different lives, different lovers...and yet still connected - he's one of the greatest loves of my life.

So this evening, even in my putritude, I went off to try to enjoy an evening with my oldest friends. Within minutes, I was relaxed and happy. We sang songs along with the player piano, drank tea and then wine, ate grilled cheese, played canasta2, and talked and hugged and laughed and loved each other.

And now I've got no venomous blog entry to write.

Not tonight anyway.

There's always tomorrow.

So thank you, Brad. I love you, Baby.

Brad and I circa 1990

1: That distinction goes to the cute little redheaded boy Andrew who I've known since we were 4.

2: One of these days, Brad, I will beat you. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon.

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