Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is a Clue

There should be a list of written Facebook rules of etiquette. There's not...not as far as I know...but there should be.

Several months ago, I received a friend request from a woman I went to high school with for about 6 months. I vaguely remember her name but she and I weren't even friendly acquaintances that I can recall.

However, I went ahead and accepted her friend request as she and I had a few mutual friends and, as I said, I did vaguely remember her...vaguely.

Then the barrage of asinine status updates began. Every morning, ridiculous kissy face pictures OF HERSELF posted with a note Good morning kisses to all my facebook friends! :) WTF?! Seriously.


In the past two weeks, I've received no less than three friend requests from this woman and I've ignored them all.

Now, in my book, if I send someone a friend request and they ignore it - in essence, reject it - I go about my life and it's no skin off my nose. There's no need for confrontation or discussion. They've simply chosen not to include me in their online life.

That's cool.

But either this woman is entirely clueless or she's so busy collecting FB friends she fails to realize she's repeatedly sent requests that have been denied.

Either way, the next one will get a cease and desist e-mail from me.

This borders on harassment.

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zero hour said...

maybe she's related to "crazy old man"?