Monday, March 15, 2010

Time is of the Essence

Everybody's been gritchy today about the time change.

Normally, I'd be right there in the thick of it because typically this springing forward business takes me months to recover know, long about the time we're supposed to fall back?

But this time? It's like no sweat.


Last night, after I'd gotten home from the artist's group, I had a chance to reflect on how wonderful it felt and how excited I was to have funneled all my energy into a creative outlet. THE creative outlet. I felt...plugged in and charged up.

Though I was a little fragmented again this morning when I first got up, I knew that had nothing to do with the time change and everything to do with the fact that empathic me was still trying to close the floodgate doors from the weekend. Once I gave myself a stern talking to however, I almost immediately felt back to myself.

And I feel great!

I have my springtime energy level - which is, of course, higher than winter's - even though it was cold, gloomy, and cheerless outside during my morning commute. And I made a decision.

I took a look at my social calendar for the next two weeks and I'm canceling nearly everything on it with the exception of the artist's group, movie night with Owen, and wine night with Betsy. Instead, I will use that time I've been dedicating to socializing for art, exercise, and spring cleaning.

The moment I made the decision, I was even more excited.

Let's call it a vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you!! Taking time off from socializing and concentrating on creative endeavours is a great idea (and yes strangely enough I conside cleaning to be creative what can I say I am weirdo) enjoy your vacation!