Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clothing Purgatory

This morning, I was reading KristySF's blog post about her recent weight loss and clothes buying experience.

It hit home for me because, well, I'm kinda in the same spot. OK, I'm really in the same spot because she and I are about the same size and soon, like in the next couple of months, I will no longer be able to shop at the big girl stores...for the best reason possible.

First, let me make something very clear, I am 100% grateful for stores like Lane Bryant and Torrid for giving me some great clothing choices. If you've ever had to shop the big girl stores, you know what most of them offer. Gross, old lady, polyester muu muu shit. And that is so not me.

Having said that, I've been shopping Fashion Bug+, Lane Bryant, Torrid, and Dress Barn Woman for so long, I don't even know what's out there anymore. I never did.

Last fall, I was able to walk into a Coldwater Creek store, try on clothes, and buy things that actually fit and not in their largest size. I was terrified to walk in there and ask to try anything on for fear of having the sales clerk laugh me out of the store. As it turns out, it was a pleasant shopping experience and it gave me a boost of confidence.

However, I still have this nagging fear. I've been using the Lane Bryant brand for so long, depending on them to clothe me in garments that fit well, what if...

What if I shrink out of Lane Bryant sizes but can't find clothes at regular stores to fit me?

Is there such a thing as clothing purgatory where I'm doomed to sweatpants and maxi dresses forever?

Let us hope not. Because Jane + Naked + Public = EEEK!


zero hour said...

Nordstroms, Nordstroms, Nordstroms!!!

I can never find anything that looks decent on me at matter what size I am at the time..grrrrrr

Diva said...

"Clothing Purgatory" makes me laugh out loud - what a great name for it!

Anonymous said...

It's just nice to see that other people have this problem too. I can't even tell you what size I wear- as everyone makes them so different...
I still gravitate towards plus size and then have to step back and rethink everything.