Saturday, April 24, 2010

Upon the Contemplation of a Collarbone

I was considering my collarbones this morning while I examined myself in the mirror.

I do that sometimes...don't you?

I haven't many physical qualities I'm 100% satisfied with - I am my own worst critic after all. But I do think I've got lovely eyes, nice cheekbone structure, and awesome clavicles.

I get the clavicles from my mom.

I don't look much like anyone in my family. Dr. Jenni and I have the same chin somewhat and then there's the curse of the Sims legs that my dad, my brother, Dr. J and I all share.

Oh. You may not be aware of the Sims legs. Here. Let me show you.

But besides the legs and the chin, not so much resemblance between me and anyone to whom I'm related.

Now my mom and sister, Rache, they could be twins. And Dr. J and Rache have been mistaken for twins. Brother Franny, he got the beautiful Ottley nose and, while perhaps not looking so much like Blind Betsy, he most definitely looks like he belongs to her family.

Me? I got the awesomeness that is her clavicles. Perfectly shaped and broad, they poke out a bit but not so much as to look sharp. I always thought my mom had the loveliest of clavicles so I was overjoyed to discover I'd inherited them from her.

Betsy's aren't as smooth as they once were. 25 years ago, she was driving to work one morning when a dump truck turned a corner and broadsided her. She sustained multiple injuries from that accident...several broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken sternum, and broken clavicle.

She was in ICU for awhile. It was terrifying.

As a consequence of the accident, a calcium deposit - a little bump - formed where the collarbone broke.

And now I think her clavicle is even lovelier.

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Kristin said...

Ha! I love your blog - once again, you make me laugh! Where do you find these pictures? The fuzzy hair and the "Sims legs" are hysterical. And I think nice clavicles should never be underplayed!