Monday, April 19, 2010

An Egg-ceptionally Silly Conversation

The following dialogue actually took place just moments ago in the Grotto kitchen...

Me: I need to make my eggs.

Lex: Hard boiled and deviled or just hard boiled?

Me: I'm not making deviled eggs tonight but I'll make extra hard boiled so if I get ambitious later in the week, I'll have them ready to go.

Lex: Oh. You make deviled eggs out of hard boiled eggs?

Me: *raises eyebrow* Really?

Lex: What? Is that some kind of new common sense rule that I should know deviled eggs are made from hard boiled ones?

Me: would you think deviled eggs are made?

Lex: I dunno. I just figured you deviled them somehow.

Because I wield some kind of what? Devilish power? *eyes glowing red*


Anonymous said...

I definitely giggled out loud when I read this! PJ

Diva said...

I have a giant smile on my face, too. Thanks, Lex!