Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jane Fonda Has Nothing On Me

Anger fuels the exercise fire.

Especially when the anger is that of a woman scorned.

Some of the most intense, productive workouts I've ever achieved were driven entirely by anger, hurt, vengeful thoughts.

Some of the worst overuse injuries I've sustained have also been anger driven.

Case in point, the last few months of my living situation prior to this one were some of the unhappiest of my life. There were a lot of hurt feelings, resentment, and anger. Consequently, I spent as much time as possible either in my room or exercising. Exercising was a great escape because not only could I burn off some of my pent up aggression, but I also got the benefit of the endorphin rush.

However, exercising 2-3 hours a day every day is not recommended for pretty much anyone. And I ended up hurting myself so that I couldn't exercise for months afterward.

So, while I love exercising when I'm angry1 for that extra boost to feel the burn, I'm awfully glad I don't have that as my main motivation every day.

1: I don't love being angry - I love exercising when I'm angry to get rid of it.

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Diva said...


Don't drive angry. *giggle*