Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now, If I Only Had a Rubber Ducky

The Grotto doesn't offer very many luxuries.

It is, after all, a basement.

It has a lot of character...if by character one means twists and turns and earthy. And since that's what I mean, then this place is chock full o' the character.

One thing it does have though - a luxury in my opinion - is an old fashioned claw foot tub.

Sure, there are no jets so massaging bubbles are self-manufactured, but it's huge and deep and I've an endless supply of hot water thanks to the fact that we also have radiator heat. w00t!

Now I love a good bath. I don't spend hours or anything ridiculous as that in the tub. But I do love to get in and soak for half an hour in a bubble bath with a glass of wine.

But, because I'm kinda stingy when it comes to bath things, I've never attempted to take my bathing experience to the next level. Until...

A couple of months ago, I bought this:

photo compliments of

OK, mine doesn't look exactly look like this but you get the point.

The point is that for $10 my bath time went from a nice experience to a pampering, luxuriating extravaganza. I'm in the tub at least twice a week now and could easily spend an hour or more...if I had that kind of time.

Quite possibly the best frivolous $10 I ever spent.

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zero hour said...

A nice soak in a hot tub is the perfect cure for a spring cold...
now just have some wine an snacks brought to you and you are set!