Saturday, April 17, 2010

One of These Days

Lex doesn't get out much.

Not because he can't or for lack of opportunity or anything just...he doesn't want to. When push comes to shove, he mostly just prefers his own company to that of other people.

I can relate.

It's not that he's necessarily a people hater either. He just gets bugged by large groups of people - likely because when enveloped in the masses, the likelihood of idiocy increases exponentially.

I occasionally invite him to accompany me to various social functions knowing he'll decline but hoping he'll accept.

Last night was just such an occasion.

I was invited to a house party for a friend's birthday and I asked him - since he would know a few people there - if he'd like to join me. He said he didn't think so but wanted to leave the option open.

Much to my surprise, after he'd worked out and then showered, I heard him getting dressed in his room. Heard him because his wallet chain that he only uses when he goes out at night was rattling.

What's this? Could it be?

When he emerged in junkie jeans and black shirt, I was thrilled! Lex was going to go out! With me! On a Friday night! To a party where there would be people! Hooray!

5 minutes from departure then, I caught him standing in the kitchen looking at food undecidedly and so I told him he might want to grab something since I wasn't sure what food would be available. He just looked at me.

30 seconds later he was back in his pajama pants and stated he was no longer interested in going.


It didn't have anything to do with food or lack thereof. He mellow and lost interest.

But! I've taken heart. This is the closest I've come to getting him out with me in I don't know how long.

Next time, I just won't dawdle or give him time to change his mind.

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