Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Them Crazy Russians They's Geniuses

So here's a thought for you to chew on...

You know vodka, right? That boozy fluid often mixed with other things to make tasty cocktails?

And you know from what vodka is made, right?

That's right...taters.

And do you know what's not on this Atkins diet?


But did you know that vodka - made from taters - has 0 carbs per serving?

Awesome! Yay! Dirty martinis...totally on plan!

And that, bloggy friends, is what I would like to call a superior dieting option.


zero hour said...

That you searched out that lovely nugget earns you my deep admiration!

Anonymous said...

I always knew that vodka was awesome and now I have even more reason to believe in it! PJ