Sunday, May 09, 2010

Around Me, Cakes Happen

I love baking.

Whenever there is an event at which baked goods are desired, you can find me volunteering...sometimes being volunteered before I even know about the bring a sweet treat.

Now, I don't actually have much of a sweet tooth.

No really! I don't. Sure, I like cookies, candy, cakes. And I do love me some good dark chocolate. But I don't crave it ever. If I get a craving at all, it's usually for a crunchy, salty something or other.

Still...I love to bake and to make treats filled with love for people I like.

But when I volunteered to make the baked goodness for the party, I had extra special incentive to make something filled with lots of love and pride for a job well done1, enveloped in the gooey-est, chocolate-y-est, sweet treat of them all.

Hence, the dark chocolate kahlua cake with chocolate ganache was given life in the Grotto kitchen.

And oh-my-god-of-all-things-chocolate-and-gooey-and-hedonistic...

It was unbelievable.

*takes bow* Thank you. Thank you very much.

1: Yay! You did it, D! It's over. You survived.


Kristin said... think I just lost control of my salivary glands...

Anonymous said...

I realize that I have already emailed and posted on facebook about but really I cannot stress enough how freaking amazing that cake was. Even Becky who doesn't care for chocolate cake said that it was fantastic. BRAVO Ms. Jane once again!