Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mom Gratitude

I don't think we ever outgrow that need for the comfort of Mother occasionally.

Even now, in my late 30's, I have days where the only place I want to be is on my mom's porch where it's safe to cry, safe to hurt...even when I know she can't fix it, she makes it better just by being herself.

Tomorrow my mom is going where she is most needed by the child who is most needy for that comfort.

No, it's not me.

One of us is very very sick, y'all. And is having scary things happen to them more often than not. In and out of the hospital, poked, prodded, operated on and answers.

How can there be no answers?! Isn't this the motherfucking 21st century?

How is that even possible?

Western medicine, holistic medicine, dietary changes, love, prayer, massage...none of it helping.

We're all scared...and frustrated...worried and powerless.

But Mom's on her way. And she may not be able to drive or see much, but she's got a knack for ear love and comfort. Plus, she can totally do dishes and keep calm in the face of adversity.

Sometimes, just being called lamby in the throes of the ear love is enough to sustain us for great lengths of time.

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Kristin said...

Aw, no! Sorry to hear. Sending positive thoughts & energy to you & your family; while I don't know whether or not it will help, it certainly can't hurt!