Monday, May 10, 2010


It's been a very long time since I'd had a professional makeup consultation.

Like 10 years long.

So I'd been thinking about it for awhile now. Now that I'm over the age of 35, the texture of my skin has begun to change and all those years of smiling (and smoking) have caught up to my face.

Added incentive is the bonus of a fun-filled vacation coming up in 3-2-1-NOW...a vacation during which I want to look my very best possible self.

So off to the MAC counter I went this afternoon.

2 hours and several hundred dollars later, I emerged with a bag full o' product and possibly a glint of panic in my eyes.

I've been MAC'd.

And it's not that I don't love the look because I totally do.

It's just that
A) I do not have 2 hours to apply my makeup each day.
B) I do not have miniature spatulas, paint palettes, and the gamut of brushes used to get my face to look like this.

And now that I'm home, I've got the array of various pots, pans, and pencils spread out before me and I've got no idea which one goes where and when.

At least it all fits nicely in my travel cosmetic bag.

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Anonymous said...

the trick is learning the 5 minute face which is totally doable with what you got and then learning little tricks to add to and enhance that look to make it fancier for evening.

PS you don't really need all that stuff that they use at the counter to do your makeup. You will be fine! I'm here if you need me *laugh*