Sunday, May 23, 2010

Does Anyone Else Do This?

For years, I was a monster pack rat.

I mean, OK, I wouldn't qualify for that Hoarders show or anything but seriously? The best thing I ever did for myself is get rid of pretty much everything I owned when I moved up to Vail a few years' back.

That was a freeing experience that taught me a lot of lessons.

Namely, that I don't need a bunch of stuff to be happy and also it's a lot easier to move if there isn't much to move.

But still...

I've got the tendencies to save pretty much everything.

A wayward paper clip? Must save.
Bread sack clips? Never throw away.
Old magazines1? No way, Jose.

The worst though, is old beauty aids. I've got mountains of old hair goo - mousse, gel, straighteners, hairspray. I've got years' worth of old lipsticks2, eye shadows, blush. And don't get me started on the lotions.

I'll buy a product, use it a few times, and then decide I don't like it. Instead of throwing it away though, I save it. Because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. *rolling eyes*

This afternoon however, I needed to get a fresh pair of contacts out of my stash but I couldn't find the stash because it was buried under a heap of old beauty products I hadn't used in, oh say, 4+ years?

I dumped the entire mess into the trash. I didn't even look at what I was throwing away. I figured if I couldn't identify it readily, I wouldn't need it.

And now I feel better. Lighter. And prepared to buy more beauty products I won't use.

1: Just so we're clear, old magazines I never read when they were new.

2: I don't actually wear lipstick very often. But I'm trying to get back in the habit now that I have pretty MAC lipsticks to work with.

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