Friday, May 21, 2010

What About the Music?

I've not talked about the actual music part of the Montreal trip.

We were there, after all, for the Kinetik Festival, and bands there were...galore.

I've not talked about it though because there aren't words to describe who we saw, how I felt, what I liked best.

The only thing I can say for certain is that Covenant, bar none, put on the best show of the entire festival. I would see them again and again and again.

And I don't see bands again and again.

In my life, I've seen exactly one band multiple times and that's Nitzer Ebb - first, back in 1990 at Red Rocks with Depeche Mode...before anyone knew who they were, and again just this past November at the Bluebird where they headlined. And I would see them again and again and again because the show they put on and the energy they create is THAT good.

But! There were a few bands at Kinetik I would see again...that were THAT good. And I am fortunate that 2 of them will be here next Friday night...

Chemlab and 16 Volt.

I'm not going to even try to describe their performances. I can't beyond telling you that, 16 Volt especially, is the perfect mix of my beloved punk rock and industrial music and I felt like I was at home with my peeps when they played.

I desperately wanted to call Lex from the venue during Chemlab so that he could hear and be jealous.

But reason won out and I did not make an international call just to rub it in.

Instead, I'm going to take him with me to see them play live right here in Denver.

And I cannot wait.

I'm hoping they are just as good in Denver up a mile high as they were at sea level.

I suspect they will be awesome.

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