Thursday, May 20, 2010

Face Plant Part Duex

So yeah...

Remember back in September when I was getting ready to go to Seattle and I had the incident where my face met the sidewalk in front of the Boston Market?

I'm trending.

Friday afternoon in Montreal.

The first night of the festival, we met a girl from Winnipeg1 who'd been vacationing in Montreal for a week prior to the start of the festival and she recommended a pub she'd stumbled upon called Vices et Versa2.

33 beers and ciders on tap.

Neighborhood dive on St. Laurent3.

Sign us up.

As with Moishes, the pub was a bit of a walk from the nearest Metro station. But it was a cool, overcast, pleasant day for it and we were motivated by the thought of 33 beers and ciders on tap.

So we're just walking along, looking at the architecture of a church we were passing, and the next thing I knew SPLAT! Down I went. *sigh*

I fell hard this time. Much harder on my knees than the last time and I actually had to sit on the sidewalk for a couple of minutes trying A) not to move and B) not to panic.

Because no really. As much as I've heard about how wonderful Canadian health care is, I was not particularly interested in experiencing it first hand.

When I finally dared to stand up and walk, I was relieved to know that, while my right knee and left foot were considerably bruised, I did not appear to be broken.


Once I got a beer and a cider and some tasty cheese, olives, and sausage in me, I was all sorts of good.

The moral of the story is that, if I'm going to be traveling, I should drink a cocktail before I venture out into the streets. I'm much safer that way.

As an aside? Vices et Versa? Totally worth the pun intended.

1: That's in Canada too. Hard to believe people live there, I know. It's kinda like Wyoming that.

2: This website is all in French. There is not an English option. Our waiter didn't speak much English either.

3: Which is how I recognized the street name when looking for steaks. Apparently, St. Laurent's where to go to get awesome food and beer.

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