Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm cute.

That is stated matter of factly - not, as it might seem, in a braggarty way.

At least, I'm told I'm cute often enough and know that I am without any effort.

And when I say I'm cute, it's not that I'm cute in the physically attractive sense. I mean I'm just cute. Like a bunny is cute or a kitten is cute.

Yeah, that's it.

I'm an LOLCAT.

And I'm not complaining. There are many worse things I could be certainly.

But sometimes? Sometimes being cute is frustrating beyond belief and when I say frustrating I mean sexually frustrating.

Because people don't always want to have sex with LOLCATS.

And so when I'm feeling great and thinking I'm projecting my inner flirty seductress and hear "you're so cute", I smile outwardly, thank the speaker for the compliment, and then heave an inner sigh and feel a little frustrated.

Because really? Cute was so not what I was going for.

At least I don't get patted on the head...all that much.

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