Friday, June 18, 2010


A friend of mine just posted this flyer on Facebook...

And I'm like all...huh?

Hot Chick a Latte is like...Shotgun Willy's met Starbucks in a dark alley and did...things - kinky, perverted things that spawned.


Y'all know I'm not a prude...right? I mean, I'm completely sex positive and I've most certainly been to my fair share of strip clubs and even my mother knows just not to ask me questions she does not want to know the answers to and whathaveyou but...

There's just something that's stuck in my craw about a hoochie coffee shop.

Maybe it's because I don't even want to contemplate my own tits over my first cuppa joe in the morning let alone anyone else's...I don't know.

But my first thought when I saw this was wow! That uniform's totally going to suck working the drive thru during winter.

My second thought was seriously? Is our society really this desperate to see nearly naked women1...over coffee and bagels2?

My third thought was am I really going to complain about the exploitation of women when I am an advocate of the rights of the adult entertainment industry?

But then I realized hmmm...tomorrow IS free coffee and I do like free.

1: Dude. That's what the internet porn is for.

2: I was going to say over coffee and a muffin but given the circumstances decided the muffin reference was probably not the best baked choice example.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I came across an ad for this place in my job search this week, and wondered about the popularity of bikini clad baristas. Thinking maybe it's just one of those regional trends specific to CO... although I guess we have the bikini car wash in AZ. But that at least involved people getting wet, and the coffee shop...oh...nevermind! ;) And I think you should have left the muffin reference. *giggle*