Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's Very Hard Being Vinny

When Lex and I first moved into the Grotto, we started a running joke...


The gag was that we were going to put up the website featuring pictures of me doing all kinds of mean things and laughing about it.

You know, like pretending to kick puppies and stuff.

We thought it was hysterical because it's quite a distance from the truth.

I'm not actually mean...at least, not most of the time.

However, Vinny is making me nuts.

He has a raging case of cabin fever and spends most of his time either parked in my bedroom window or meowing and pacing in front of the front door or following me back to the back door where he proceeds to whine and cry and moan to be let out.

Several times in the last few days, he's attempted to make bold dashes out whichever door happens to open when he's on the other side of it.

He is not allowed outdoors unsupervised.

We live on 2 major bus lines and 2 very busy streets. And the cat has no fear of the traffic whatsoever.

In fact, whenever I get up the idea to take him out on his harness and leash1, he does two things straight away...

1) He gobbles a few pieces of grass
2) He heads right out into the alley where he proceeds to lie on the asphalt and roll around and then tries to take off into the street.

Damn cat.

So tonight I took him out on the leash and he loved it but then he cried to go back inside after only 20 minutes. So we went inside where he wanted to explore the rest of our apartment building at which time he attempted to "break in" to several apartments by lying in front of each door and pawing the crack where the door meets floor.

He then rousted my upstairs neighbor's dog, hissing and yowling while the dog barked wildly in the unit until I dragged him away.

And still he did not want to come home.

I made him come in so that we might eat supper and get some chores done but he's discontented and has not stopped pacing for the last hour.

And I finally raised my voice to him and told him no repeatedly because he's on my last nerve.

And I felt like a mean horrible bitch.

Because he just wants to go out...all the time...no matter the cost.

I would have to adopt the one cat in 1000 whose neutering did no good in the wanderlust department.

1: Yes, he has a harness on leash. He hates it. I think it's hysterical. And it's the only way he gets a chance to get out and explore.

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