Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Always A Bridesmaid

I haven't been to a wedding in 10 years.

Not since CP married T on top of Keystone Mountain on a cold June afternoon. And that was 2 kids and a host of schooling for them both ago.

So the fact that I've received not one but two wedding invitations in the mail the last two days is, in a word, crazy.

Crazier still? The two weddings will be held exactly 3 weeks from each other.

Not that I wasn't expecting them. I mean, I am in the loop about some things and the couples involved are dear friends.

But still...

Having just blogged recently about the +1 wedding invitation and then receiving 2 invitations in the mail with Jane +1 written on each after having a well-earned hiatus from all things white and girly...

I have to dust off my wedding etiquette and figure out what I'm supposed to do and when.


Judging by the designs of both invitations - the first depicting a Harlequin Romance-like cover and the second a picture of a bare bottom being tapped by a wooden spoon with the words "Love Heals" figured prominently - and the fact that the characters from both weddings are part of the Gabor's crew and are intimately familiar with the Skullfucker1 and Duck My Puppy stories...I'm not sure etiquette is going to matter...much.

By the way, while not technically a +1 because he's invited himself, Owen has graciously agreed to accompany me to the first. Now, if I can only convince him to accompany me to the second. Although a second choice would be Ira Glass who will be in town that weekend.

What does one wear to a wedding at Natural Bridge anyway?

1: Which I've never shared here because, while hysterical, is not so much blog appropriate. Hi Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Ira Glass....
I have such a crush on him.
and wow that natural Bridge park is beautiful!