Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whereupon Our Heroine Surprises Even Herself


I just jogged.

Uh...for 49 minutes - in intervals of course - but still...jogging.

Which never occurred to me to do for more than a few seconds since, oh say, 6th grade when I erroneously thought 1,500 meters seemed a reasonable distance to run on track and field day and almost vomited after the 3rd lap.

Damn metric system. What IS that1?

And then there was that whole puberty thing that hit and subsequently my breasts grew to a massively inappropriate DDDD size and that seemed to put the kabash on any running career ideas I might have fancied.

But, yeah so, one of my exercise videos came with a bonus jogging workout disc and since I've been struggling to get my heart rate up as high as I need to in order to be working at a nice fat burning capacity, I decided to try it.

It definitely got my heart rate up.

And it wasn't as hard as I feared.

Nor did it hurt my knees or my bosom2.

And now I'm entertaining crazy ideas of actually trying out the Couch to 5K running program I've been hearing about.

But then I think perhaps the endorphins are clouding my judgment.

I used to Jazzercise to this song.

1: Although now I'm much more likely to say "Damn Americans. What IS this bullshit customary units system of measurement? Egotistical assholes who have to be 'different'" but then I digress.

2: Thank you to the inventors of super industrial strength sports bras. My boobies are grateful.

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