Monday, August 16, 2010

Thanks for Pointing That Out

My uncle, deaf as a post and blind in one eye, still drives.

He can't see the speedometer, by his own admission, nor can he gauge where curbs (and other cars) are in relation to him and his pickup truck.

But that doesn't stop him.

He has a limited driver's license. One that allows him to drive up to 10 miles from home which, coincidentally, is far enough for him to cross over the Wyoming border into Utah.

I don't think that's helpful.

Luckily, Evanston is small enough that, I suspect, many people out on the road with him know him, can see him coming, and can get out of the way to relative safety.

Still, this man, blind and deaf, was able to see my chin whiskers and point them out to me...loudly.

Putting my smart ass in its place.

Will I ever get a chance to beat him at his own game?

Not likely.

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