Monday, September 13, 2010

What's in the Bag?!

Y'all remember this commercial from the 80's?

Whenever I put pot roast up in the crockpot for that evening's supper, Vinny becomes this dog by the time I get home.

The only difference is? The cat totally doesn't like pot roast.

The only people food he likes is oven roasted deli turkey, occasionally chicken, and solid white albacore tuna.  Do not try to feed him "tuna light". He knows the difference. Trust me.

I don't know what about the pot roast makes him nuts but he becomes the biggest purr monster and wants to rub, snuggle, and rip all over the house until after supper is over.

Today was no exception.

From the moment I walked in the door, my little black shadow was glued to my side, begging to get at the roast, purring, rubbing, crying. In an attempt to get him to shut the hell up, I tried to give him a piece of my supper.

He turned up his nose and then went and settled in on Lex's bed for a nap.

We're 100% certain that, while we know he doesn't like something, he's convinced of his Cat First Amendment right to make that decision for himself.



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