Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You like me! You really like me!


Attention. Attention? (Is this thing on? *tap tap*)

You are officially reading the blog of one of the official regular contributing writers of the Zane Lamprey DrinkingMadeEasy.com online magazine.

That's right. Yours Truly has submitted a sample of her work and been welcomed to the Zane-y fold of contributors writing online ruminations regarding liquor.

Can I get a Woo and a Hoo?

I submitted the article yesterday morning before I could second guess myself or what I'd written. And then I sat back to wait, at times feeling certain rejection was just around the proverbial corner.

I suspected by this time next week I'd be kicked to the curb.

Or worse, in the streets because the curb wouldn't have me.

As it turns out, they liked me! They really really liked me!

Not only that! The Martha Stewart of Booze theme I pitched was accepted (although I suspect Martha's name is trademarked so it won't be called that but, you know, whatever...I can be clever) and so I shall have a central theme: booze and cake. Or, more likely, booze and whatever I feel like cooking with said booze. Most often cake.

I'm nervous though.

The "pay" offered for the bi-weekly gig is exposure. Not only exposure of what I write for the magazine but exposure for this little treasure trove of the Jane.

That's not to say I don't appreciate you, my Lovely Readers (hi, Mom!), but this means there will be potentially many, many, many more of you. And there is pressure to put out consistently high quality posts and, well, EEK! Some days there isn't high quality content in me so you get whatever comes to mind...usually accompanied by a youtube video.

This is OK. I'll be OK. I'm just having a brief moment of EEK!

Stay tuned tomorrow when I will likely talk about Liberace or open relationships...possibly both. But not at the same time.

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