Monday, November 15, 2010

Commence Regularly Scheduled Outboard Brain Dump

1) Today was Day 1 of Jane's 100-Day Challenge.

I did 15 minutes. I figure why push it really hard on day 1 and risk injury when I still have 99 days left to hurt myself?

2) Yesterday's Stuck In My Head Song of the DayTM was O-o-h Child by the Five Stairsteps from 1970.


At first, I was all like, "Cool! I haven't heard this song in a LONG time." By hour 10, I realized what an insidious song it is and was about ready to do whatever it took to get rid of it...including Europe's Final Countdown. Unfortunately, not even that worked. At hour 23, I awoke and realized that o-o-o'ing was still playing endlessly in my head and I was internally screaming.

Luckily, when I awoke for good, the radio dial had tuned into Cheap Trick. Hopefully, I Want You to Want Me won't last nearly so long. Oh. Wait. It's been there for almost 14 hours now. Shit.

3) This afternoon, I walked into the office of our resident web developers to say good night. One of them, we'll call him M&M, was out sick today. The other, Tollidee, and I were chatting - OK I was given him a ration of crap because he was supposed to be NaBloPoMo'ing with me and lasted less than a week - when I noticed M&M's desk...

There are so many things to love about this picture! But perhaps my favorite is the bottle of 409 sitting out randomly. And I'm thinking to myself, "OK, if he's got that for germ protection, he might first want to consider not ingesting so many chemicals via 'food' first." When it occurred to me the bottle of 409 is sitting right next to the industrial sized tub of Kool-Aid. Mixer, anyone?

Do not drink the Kool-Aid, People. Did Jim Jones teach us nothing?!

Anyway, what you totally can't see in this picture? There is a box of Swiss Rolls hiding behind the cupcakes. But also? Under his other desk is a paper bag...from Whole Foods. No lie.

4) I felt compelled to electronically yell at my adorable nephew, JR, via Facebook. Hazard of friending your elder relatives, kids. See, he has this "friend". I've met this "friend". I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THIS. FRIEND. She is, for lack of a better word, trouble. With a capital T that rhymes with P and that stands for...nevermind.

Anyway! Many moons ago, he and this "friend" had a falling out. There was drama. My sister - his mother - ended up having to get involved. It was ugly. But! The silver lining was that this "friend" was gone from his life with a resounding bang of the door slamming shut in her face.

Until...I don't even know what happened. She just all of a sudden showed up posting on his FB again a few days ago. And I got after him a little but, you know, he's an adult now and so I backed off.

But today? Today, she posted a comment on one of his status updates, using a HIGHLY inflammatory racial slur, and I. Lost. My. Shit.

So I yelled at him and told him to get rid of her and/or get rid of the post and tell her to cease and desist.

Because, the thing is, Kids. When you post crap like that on your own wall? You're only saying something about yourself. When you post it on other people's? You are saying something about their character - that they would think this kind of racist, bigoted, bullshit is OK - and that's not actually true.

He's a good kid. Her comment was gone in under 5 minutes.

5) And speaking of Facebook...

I made a difficult decision today. I deleted several people from my friend list. Specifically, I deleted several WORK peeps...including my boss who I love...from my friend list. The fact is that Facebook had become a much more personal social venue for me than when I originally joined and friended these people. And frankly, when changes were made to privacy settings several months ago allowing a person to set their privacy settings such that designated groups of friends couldn't see certain aspects, I'd already set these friends to be able to see nothing on my wall because (*cough* Logan *cough*) a handful of people I absolutely adore in real life were hysterically, and yet, vastly work inappropriate, posting to my wall.

Now, I've been thinking about this for months. But I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. And yet, it's my personal life I wanted to keep private, you know? And, after I heard this story on the radio today, I thought perhaps it was just time. So I deleted nearly everyone I work with (there are 6 exceptions - two have blocked me from seeing anything on their walls and the rest have been here to this blog more than once...I trust them) and also deleted my current work information.

Again, I'd been considering this for months - knew it was the prudent thing to do - but didn't bite the bullet until today...when I've got PMS and am paranoid. Aren't you glad you asked, "Why today?"

6) And, finally, here's a shout out to Peej, who is the only one who will understand this: Patience, she says.

Not because Peej needs to hear it but because I do.

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Anonymous said...

patience indeed my friend

Jonathan said...

While I'm sorry I didn't last longer posting daily, I am genuinely happy that you inspired me to start blogging again. Its really been great, and it keeps me thinking about what it must feel like to be one of you lucky folks with friends. Oh yeah, and you're probably one of the coolest coworkers around.

Just Jane said...

Dude, you totally have friends. I keep waiting for the invitation to come play games at your house. Mostly? Because I CANNOT WAIT to gang up on you with Anna. That will be so awesome! *laughing* And thank you. Ditto.

Jonathan said...

I would like to add on a separate note, I was one of the people interviewed in the story today. You're one of four people from work on my own exceptions list. Rest assured that nothing you say here (as crazy as it may be) will ever be held against you by me, at least not as far as work is concerned.

Just Jane said...

I know! I'm so glad it wasn't me that you deleted because my post was inflammatory! And I'm not crazy. All I wanted was a Pepsi (which is an obscure reference to the Suicidal Tendencies...we'll talk about it tomorrow). But, regardless, thank you.

M&M said...

I can't believe I've been called out on the internet like this! Inconceivable!