Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still...I Hope

Over at the loveliest modchen dot com, the supreme queen of all things (I just made that up) was talking about the revelation from the Bishop Jim Swilley to his congregation that he was gay.

The title of the post - Valor and Compassion - was certainly fitting for the circumstances as the story itself - about how, driven by his need to speak out against the rash of suicides by gay young men and women, Swilley came out to his evangelical mega-church congregation - is full of both.

You should totally go read her post. I can't say what's in my heart any better than she.

Don't worry. I'll wait.

Now that you've read it (what?! You didn't go read it? For shame. Go read it now.), you will have certainly remembered how she spoke about how she hoped his church would continue to flourish even after said revelation...although she expressed doubt.

And I was reminded of what happened not too terribly long ago - just a few years - to Bishop V. Gene Robinson.

Now, for those of you who don't know, I was raised - for the first 10 years of my life - as Mormon. *gasp* I know. Still...I was. After that, I switched - due in large part to Blind Betsy - to the Episcopal church. Betsy was raised Episcopal herself, converted to the Mormon church when she married my dad, and, when things nosedived in their marriage, she went back "home" to the land of the "relaxed" Catholics.

She is still heavily involved in her church.

So I was relatively strongly impacted - more so than, say, someone who has little to no ties to the Episcopal church - when openly gay, non-celibate Gene Robinson was appointed to Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire and the Episcopal church was ripped apart.

Betsy's church was ripped apart. Her priest and, up until then, good friend, could not, in good conscience, condone Robinson's appointment. He left the parish and took many of the congregation with him. A story heard from all over the country, frankly, unfortunately. Many long time friendships were severed over one man's sexual orientation. The Anglican realignment continues to this day...over one man's sexual orientation and the Diocese who supported him.

Isn't that sad?

So, when modchen expresses her hope, I nod, agree, and hope myself. But, I know from experience, it ain't likely, Sister. Not from a southern, ultra-conservative, evangelical congregation. Not when the liberal Episcopalians couldn't accept it themselves.

Still...I hope. It gets better.

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modchen said...

i remember bishop robinson! i'm so glad he's still working away up there.

this whole process of normalization is always so agonizingly protracted. i wish we could skip ahead to the part where everybody is ok just like they are. >_>