Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting By With a Little Help From His Friends

So...remember when I posted way back here (you know, a month or so ago) the video and poem by Paulie Lipman - poet extraordinaire - in support of the It Gets Better project?

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting (and hugging) Paulie this Saturday just past which was, in a word, fantabulous (which is really a mashup of 2 words but, you know, whatever).

He's just as awesome and personable and well spoken in person as I knew he would be.

During our conversation, we talked about how he was getting ready to launch a project to raise money so that he can begin to record and produce his poetry and music independently.

For an artist, the digital age has made some of the most far out dreams of artists everywhere a very real possibility. It no longer takes getting "discovered" by an agent or a record producer nor does it take tens of thousands of dollars, a recording contract, and access to a recording studio.

No. Artists - GREAT artists, like Paulie - have the ability to record and master their own material, distribute it electronically, and retain control of content...

IF! And that's a big if - they can get just a little bit of help with the start up costs to do so.

Paulie's committed to his art and manages to eke out a humble existence through performances and sales of his chapbooks.

But he needs our help.

His kickstarter project launched today and he has 30 days to raise $3,000 - the cost of the computer and recording equipment he would need to make his dream a reality. If he does not get enough pledges to meet his goal, he receives nothing and no one is charged.

Donations can be as small as $1 or as much as anyone would like to give and charges are processed once the goal is met via payments.

I had the pleasure of being the first to pledge.

Will you have that pleasure too?

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