Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Knowing


That's what Lex called me the other night. He said, "There's the real rub about being a healer. You genuinely care and you put a lot of time and your precious energy into healing them. Knowing, always knowing, in the end, what you do gives them what they need to move on."

That was The Knowing that night a few moons ago. What I saw. What I understood to be true. What I wanted to rage against...but knew it would make no difference. There is no different...for me. There is just this...and it is IMPORTANT and HUGE and GLORIOUS...and lonely. Both cruel and kind. Joy and unabashed heartache.

Lex put it into words...words I hadn't uttered aloud...to him or to anyone else...but words I'd known for awhile.


I know nothing about forever...or tomorrow.

I only know today.

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