Sunday, November 21, 2010

Perfect Moments

The party in celebration of the release of Beaujolais Nouveau - you know, my favorite excuse to get lovely people together and drink copious amounts of wine - went off with nary a hitch.

Jeff - one of my co-hosts - and I were surprised and pleased with how quickly all the food preparation came together and relished the fact that we were able to sip at some wine and relax before guests arrived. Never mind that he and I had finished our second bottle of wine before any of the actual guests came a knockin'.

Frankly? We were both quite self-congratulatory on our restraint considering we opened the first bottle at 3:30 and guests didn't begin to arrive until just after 7.

The guests - an eclectic mix of friends who didn't really know one another very well for the most part - seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and the food.

Brad's - my other co-host - player piano, of course, made its grand entrance not long after the rasberry beaujolais sorbet and Earl Grey shortbread cookies were devoured and, for many of us, the rest of the evening was spent around it, singing our hearts out - occasionally in harmony.

All but one of the guests (*cough* Matt *cough*) stayed until well after midnight and I did not fall onto the couch that was my bed until well after 2.

Freezing, I was, when I laid down. A combination of lots of wine followed by vodka tonics, sleepiness from having been up since 6 a.m. and working most of the day on party preparations, and a thick, soupy fog that rolled in right around 10 p.m. bringing with it a bone-chilling dampness.

Brad, my sweetest, longest running friend in the world, tucked me in with no less than 4 heavy quilts, a feather boa, and 2 long-haired cats.

When I awoke a few hours later I was A) sweltering B) surprised to discover Brad and a house guest of his and Jeff's were still wide awake visiting with one another and C), a lot.

Unfortunately, today wasn't much of a lounge day as I'd promised Lex cookie baking in return for a major favor he'd granted me a few weeks ago.

No nap then = very sleepy Jane.

A sleepy, content Jane whose Beaujolais Nouveau celebration was perfect.

I can't wait for next year.

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