Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Gluttony/Sloth Game

1) Do you want to know what makes the world a better place?


From my kitchen to my belly....mmmmm...pie

But also? According to my Facebook (and real life) friends...cheese, coffee, cake, and, apparently, naked men and women eating pie.

So, I have to say, Universe? I'm going to forgive you. Because honestly? Dude. Pie...and coffee...and cheese...and cake...and, ok, naked people eating pie.

Clearly, I'm feeling a bit better than I was last night.

2) I still make better pie crusts than N8 the G8. Just sayin'. Seriously. No fail recipe. Every time.

3) Today is Vinny's 3rd adoption birthday. Well now...hmmm...I guess it's 2nd anniversary and his 3rd Thanksgiving with us here in the Grotto. I brought him home the Monday before Thanksgiving in 2008. He was so so sick with kennel cough and nauseated from anesthesia from having his nip/tuck done earlier in the day. It was November 24 and I spent most of that week and weekend lying on the couch with him as he drooled and coughed and snotted all over me all while I was trying to cook my very first Thanksgiving meal from start to finish. We bonded that weekend, he and I. I'll never be the same for having him in my life. He's number 2 on my list of beings to be grateful for.

The Best Cat Ever
4) I worry way too much. Don't take it personally or read too much into it. When I care? I worry. About you and you and you.

5) I signed up to do #reverb10. It's requiring me to learn how to actually use, and then actually use, Twitter. It's also causing me to already begin to reflect on 2010. And I'm thinking back to how the year know who you are...and where it's ended up (so far). I don't understand it. It's making me realize I have no ability to predict the future pretty much ever. So it ain't worth trying to. It's probably not worth worrying about either. But, you know, that piece I can't seem to help.

6) Have you ever looked at the list of available wireless networks in an intensive wireless network area? Do the names of these networks crack you up? My favorite sitting here tonight in the Grotto is the "Tummy" network. Someone 'round here is of the awesome. I mean, besides me and my BFF neighbors, that is.

7) I've been thinking a lot about Moon today. Of course I've been thinking about her...for obvious reasons. But what many of you don't know is what I've been thinking about. You see, when the accident first happened, an extremely close friend of hers, St. Jude, created a Facebook page to keep all of us updated on everything that was happening. And, as it turns out, Facebook has proven to be invaluable. It has connected people in ways not conceived of (at least, by me) during such a time. It's allowed family and close friends to communicate with a HUGE body of people without having to repeat themselves over and over again.

But! It's also given people a place to express love, gratitude, grief, support. I cannot tell you what an incredible thing it is to go to that group and see what sweet, loving comments have been left.

This has gotten me to thinking about something...

We have these extraordinary tools right at our very fingertips. Tools that weren't readily available 10 years ago. We now have this amazing ability to create digital tributes to people we love. With Moon, I'm seeing this tremendous outpouring of memories, stories, photographs of this gorgeous woman. And it struck me that there should be a place - a somewhat static place - a scrapbook, if you will that everyone who knew and loved/was touched by her could contribute something to it.

While Facebook is wonderful, it's not quite the medium (given its limitations as I've previously described) for what I'm imagining. But what about a place...kinda like this one? A blog where the contributors are the people who loved her...were touched by her?

I don't know. It's just an idea. Probably silly. Still...I think it might be least, maybe to me. Someone who didn't get to know her as well as the others. Some of us who would've liked to have known her better if there'd been time. And valuable to people who did love her with all of their hearts - to see that their brightest star was touched by so very many and to hear why.

8) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, y'all. If you don't say what's in your heart tomorrow, you may not have a second chance. If you feel like you can't, ask yourself why? I've been asking myself that for the last two days. Why can't I say what's in my heart? I'm going to try to say it - although words never do seem to be enough - tomorrow.

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modchen said...

dude. i wish i could locate Tummy. they've been around at least as long as we've had a network, and i've asked around, and nobody knows who they are. i want to give them some kind of award.

my best girlfriend growing up, in addition to having the burden of enormous tatas at 13, also lost her father to cancer when she was about 11. as long as i knew her she told everyone she loved "i love you" every time she parted from them, even over the phone. it took me a while to ask her why, but when she told me that she never got to say it to him, that his actual death was unexpectedly sudden, i understood perfectly.
she still does it. and now so do i. it's comforting, even if it's symbolic.

Just Jane said...

Srsly! Tummy = best network name ever. I think it's going to become my life's mission to locate - and reward - Tummy for being Tummy.

Symbolic? Yes. But also? Important. I don't ever want to wonder...or to have other people wonder if I knew or if I felt what I do.

Franklin Taggart said...

Nice post.

For that blog idea, think about Posterous. They have an easy set up and everyone can send in their posts by e-mail, rather than having to do it through a host site. It's totally painless.

modchen said...

reverb is an interesting idea, and getting comfortable with the twitworld can't hurt you, even if the vast majority of the twittosphere is relatively puerile: it's an apt reflection of the real world, in that way. i think i might do reverb myself, since it's getting some notice now.

i am not a fan of posterous. it's even less flexible/extensible than blogger, and does nothing to educate you. just not a fan at all.

vinny is pretty much the awesome.