Friday, November 26, 2010


Near perfect.

Eleven for supper, twelve for pie and not one person seemed to notice or care that there was no fancy table or quite enough chairs to go around.

Frankly, we were asses to elbows in the living room. Luckily, this particular group isn't much for personal space least, not amongst ourselves.

There was only one casualty - if you don't count the 3 or 4 Apples to Apples cards that had to be thrown out due to unfortunate incidents involving organic ranch dressing and red wine - a lone wine glass crashed and burned. Given that I buy them by the dozen at $10 a box, I'm certainly not going to cry over it.

The evening wound down much earlier than I'd anticipated given that, last year, we were still going strong well into the late evening, making a foray out into the frosty night to Pub on Penn...although it was still Cafe Netherworld then. Last night, half the party was gone by 9, 3 of us braved the night to support Tower at one of our regular haunts, and then, returning back to the Grotto just after midnight, the configuration changed just a bit again and 3 of us sat and talked until almost dawn...

At which point I had been up for 24 hours and found myself nodding off involuntarily at regular intervals.

I've had barely 4 hours of sleep and a full pot of coffee as I write this. Still, I will nap as soon as this is finished, coffee be damned. I've officially declared this day Sit Around in Pajamas Eating Pie Day. Because, even though there were 12 for pie, I managed to keep just enough of both the pecan and pumpkin for Lex and me each to have a generous slice today.

Near perfect.

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