Sunday, December 12, 2010

But I'm Infinitely Wise *tongue planted firmly in cheek*

December 10: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

Lex and I met through an online forum - not really a dating site but, alright fine, hook ups happen there - and, after exchanging a few e-mails, decided we would meet face to face.

We arranged to meet at a local club but when I got there that night, a friend of mine was in the midst of Major Meltdown mode and that's the first glimpse of me Lex had...sitting on a couch in a little alcove with a sobbing girl curled up in my lap as I whispered nurture words in her ear.

He walked through, surveyed the scene, and began to walk past me. I acknowledged him with a look and, as he walked by, I reached out, stopped him, and squeezed his hand.

We talked not at all that night.

But it had begun.

I've talked about our relationship before and how fabulous it is (seriously...unbelievable in its awesomeness) and how important we are to one another - so I'm not going to get into that today. Suffice it to say though that Lex and I don't fight. Ever...

Except...we've had two major issues - well, OK, it was pretty much the same issue - toxic people/situations outside of ourselves - on two separate occasions.

The first happened almost immediately after we'd moved in together. We worked through it. Cautiously. Slowly. Without angry outbursts but with sometimes heated conversations.

The second happened at the beginning of this year...on my birthday, in fact (January 20, mark your calendars, presents graciously accepted). It. Was. Intense.

Now, Lex, from the moment we met face to face, knew that I'm a healer. He is too. We healed each other and we're both pretty damn good at it. But, back in January, he felt as though I was neck deep in a toxic situation attempting to help a friend and, more than anything, was concerned for my well being. I got defensive. He got defensive. The flame was about to ignite into a wild fire and potentially burn out of control.

He left work. I left work. We met in the middle of the house and we talked for hours. Cried. Began to work through it, once again, cautiously, slowly. We'd been through it before. We knew how it was done. It is fucking hard, transparency is, when there doesn't seem to be a resolution...when it hurts. But the reward, the lessons, far outweigh the difficulty getting there.

We got through it. We reached a compromise. We worked on the initial tension the issue had caused. And we're stronger now than ever before.

So, the wisest decision I made in 2010 was to put Lex first. To drop everything and focus on the one relationship that matters most when it needed every ounce of healing energy he and I both had.

We're fucking magical, y'all.

And that's the truth.