Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Did What for Love Now?

I was having a conversation with a friend this afternoon when the topic of "young and dumb" came up.

I believe my exact words were, "I used to drive from south of Parker to Boulder 3-4 times a week for a boy. I was young and dumb. And by young, I mean 36."

That got me to thinking...

What exactly is the dumbest thing I have ever done for love?

Because, you know? I've done some really dumb stuff. And by dumb? I mean horribly embarrassing...and some self-destructive...and some possibly bordering on illegal. *laughing*

Oddly, I had a hard time narrowing it down. Until I remembered (how quickly we try to forget) the California incident. Not only was this dumb, but it was terrifying for my mother, his I am mortified by it and yet, some parts of this little adventure contain some of my most favorite memories.

So here's the situation: I had my own apartment, a job, a roommate (who I'd learned to despise), and was attending beauty school...a skill set for which I'd quickly discovered I was not cut out. My boyfriend lived 40 miles away.

I was 19. He was 17.

In the middle of one cold, February night, he and I, heat of the most passionate moment, decided to take off and go to California, Humboldt County. Yay.

Problem: He was 17. (This is the bordering on illegal part...a little something about transporting minors over state lines.)

He'd done this before so it wasn't any surprise to his mother. I mean, she was furious and so was my mom and I'm sure they were both scared to death...for awhile. But VC knew precisely where we were going and called ahead. Just after she called the Sheriff. *sigh*

Oh my! Did we ever have some adventures along the way. Adventures which, I'm sure you can understand, do not need to see the blogging light of day. But mostly what I remember is feeling scared, stupid, panicky, and physically ill.

I didn't sleep for the 3 days we were on the road. I don't remember the last couple of hours driving on the 101 before pulling into Arcata. I don't remember crashing into sleep on the living room floor. But I do remember waking up the next morning to two things:

A) The deputy sheriff standing over the two of us, nudging us awake with his boot, and telling us we were in big Big BIG trouble...especially with our mothers.

B) His father coming back to the house after having taken my road weary car to the car wash...and wrecking it.

There is, of course, more to the story. How we came back from California by way of Illinois and Indiana. How my sister-in-law, who we visited with before heading home, slept with her pocketbook under her pillow while we were there. How, upon returning home, we were strong armed into attending church - First Baptist Church - every Sunday. But I think you get the gist.

So. There you have it. The dumbest thing I ever did for love.

Will you tell me yours? Comment anonymously if you'd like. I can't tell who you are and wouldn't if I could. But I would love to know I'm not alone in my love-driven abandon of all senses.



Gavin said...

Dated a girl on the rebound...didn't get to kiss her, only slept together ever with clothes on, no sex...and I was 23. Helped her move hours after getting stitches in my leg due to a box-cutter incident. Have a good scar from a relatively small wound as a result. SHe got back with the ex while we were still "together"...and told me weeks later. This while I was playing adolescent sex-dare games with her best friend...who was common-law'ed with a close friend of mine from years before. Getting *ahem* oral pleasure while driving is great...until you come to your senses enough to realize you're still driving, and she's leaning on your gas-pedal leg. Met my best friend at this time - who was also involved just as badly in all this mess. We both commiserate over the "GAWD we were stupid" of it all...other than that, years of losing dress shirts and CDs and albums to girls who "borrowed" them.

Anonymous said...

Allowed open access to my child...

Diva said...

.....moved from the South Bay of L.A. to Albuquerque, NM.

Anonymous said...

I was infatuated with this guy who I thought looked like Nicolas Cage. Who did not deserve my infatuation in the slightest mind you. Our grand love affair consisted of hanging out at my house a couple times and sleeping together once I think. He was traveling for work during Mardi Gras and somehow we came up with the scheme to meet for one day in New Orleans, how goth and romantic right? So instead of buying a cheap plane ticket, I bought a car with my student loan money (bye bye 750$ zomg why?)The first day I had it the breaks went out(bye bye 300$). After getting them fixed. My best friend and I decorated it with lace and candles..OH YES! But didn't check the oil or anything responsible like that. Then we proceeded to drive for 21 hours straight through, with only a few stops for coffee, energy drinks and corndogs. The poor car is shuddering and getting a slow flat by the time we arrive. Mr Wonderful and I have cramped steamy sex in the back of said car, and then he proceeds to come on to my best friend for the remainder of the time. After he left I actually ended up having a great time with my other friends and have really great stories out of the rest of the trip, but the 'for love' part was really horrible.Oh to be 23 and naive again.

This is Sophie BTW:)
Love your bloggity-ness Miz Jane!

MsSparrow said...

Well at the time I didn't actually love him yet so I don't know if this counts but driving to UT for one night after drinking all night the night before and only getting about 4 hours sleep was probably the craziest thing I have ever done. I've never really been known for being spontaneous and the fact that I didn't really know him and certainly didn't know what was between us didn't stop me from piling in the car with a friend and driving the 8 hours to UT, changing clothes in a truck stop and going to a club in a city I have never been to, in order to hang out with him. That was crazy for me. And now I know I love him. And have sealed my doom.

MsSparrow said...

oh and by the way? This blog is responsible for getting this song stuck in my head last night when I was trying to figure out the craziest thing I have done for love. Thanks Jane. I blame you *laugh*

Diva said...

Oh, I forgot "The Year of Stalking Dangerously." Best not to go into that until I'm actually sure about the statute of limitations, though.....