Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things That Warm the Soul

1) A hot cup of tea.

2) Saying I'm sorry and receiving an "I love you" back.

3) Explaining my crazy to someone who needs to know and receiving a "Thank you. That helps a lot" back rather than a "go away".

4) myself, at a silly situation, at my crazy.

5) Making someone else laugh.

6) Stretching.

7) Kitty snuggles...except when they've just coughed up a hairball, have bad breath, and want to lick my face. Still...even then it's nice...kinda.

8) Having a few friends reach out and say "Hey! Can I do this for you?" That's really nice.

9) Having something - even if it's just an ear - for a new friend.

10) Getting a heck of a deal on supremely good coffee.

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