Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Flag

I'm taking a page from the Divatologist and taking a break from Facebook.

I'm tired and I need to rest and re-group.

I will also no longer post blog updates there. It is, as I understand it, unappreciated.

I surrender and retreat.


Anonymous said...

Guess I'll be here a lot now for my daily dose of Jane. Love you bunches...
Also- need your address :)


Anonymous said...

Good thing I read this in Google Reader rather than on facebook.

Michael said...

I didn't realize you were on Facebook or I would have friended you. Ugh, I always hate myself a little bit when I use new words that aren't really words, like "friended". Don't ask me why because I can't refudiate.

Just Jane said...

*laughing* @Michael: Friended is a great word. Refudiate - considering the source - is not. Thanks for making me smile this morning.